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Financial planning made easy in NSW

When designing your financial plan, we aim to build a personal, trusting relationship and provide you with peace of mind that your financial strategy is on track. We offer a broad range of services designed to work together to meet your financial needs.

To assist our clients in all efforts of financial planning we have selected a team of professional consultants well-versed in all aspects of finance. Some of the areas we will be able to assist you include:


Retirement has never looked more attractive. Tax concessions on superannuation are making it easier to grow your retirement nest egg, helping you to fund a retirement lifestyle you will really enjoy. Whether you’re approaching retirement or it is still some years away, professional advice can help you structure your finances to save tax and maximise future return.

Planning ahead

Thanks to our high standard of living and medical advances, Australians are living longer than ever before. While this is good news, it also makes it likely that your retirement savings will have to stretch over more years.

There are many ways to structure your finances to provide income and flexibility through your retirement years. When we draw up a plan, we conduct in-depth analysis to learn about you and understand your current situation and goals so we can present you with the most suitable options.

If you’ve already thought about your life after work, we can discuss your ideal retirement lifestyle, when you’d like to stop working, and if you have travel plans. 

We use this information to work out how much income you might need in retirement and weigh that against your present financial position. We’ll also discuss your attitude towards various risks and returns involved in investing to ascertain the level of risk you are comfortable with.

We can show you tax-effective investment strategies and consider important things that some people overlook, such as ways to protect your lifestyle and future income as well as your estate planning needs.

 To find out how we can help you plan a successful retirement, call (02) 9858 2446 or email us.


For many working Australians, investing through superannuation is an effective way to secure their financial future in retirement. While you are working it is important to regularly review your super contributions to ensure you are saving enough to fund an enjoyable lifestyle once you enter retirement.

Maximising your super
The government provides generous tax incentives to encourage Australians to invest in super. The more you take advantage of these, the more super you’re likely to accumulate over time. For example, you might consider setting up a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer. This will allow you to make super contributions from your pre-tax salary and could also reduce your income tax bill.
Depending on your income and family situation, you may be eligible for other benefits, such as the government co-contribution or a tax rebate when making contributions to your spouse’s super (both are subject to eligibility criteria). We can also show you how you may be able to save tax by paying for your life insurance through your super.

Some people find it difficult to know how much to contribute to super. In truth, there is no right or wrong amount, although there are limits (as required by legislation) to how much you can contribute each year. Our approach is to start at the end, and ask you what sort of lifestyle you want in retirement.

The more extensive your plans, the more super you’re likely to need to provide sufficient retirement income. It also helps to know how long you plan to keep working and what other income-producing assets you have.

If you own a small-or medium-sized business, we can advise you on how to structure a corporate super plan that takes into account any salary packaging requirements and remuneration programs. It is never too late to take control of your super. However, the rules are complex, so it is important to get expert advice to ensure you make the most of your superannuation savings.

To find out how to maximise your super, call (02) 9858 2446.


We all want to build enough wealth to provide financial security and a comfortable lifestyle. Investing can be complex and there are many options to choose from, so it is important to seek professional advice.
Professional cross checking the financial report

Meeting your goals

A financial plan can provide direction and discipline. When making long-term plans the first step is to set out your financial goals, which means deciding what you want to achieve and by when.

Many people find it easier to identify short- and medium- term goals of up to five years. These may include buying a bigger home, acquiring and investment property, saving for your children’s education or building a share portfolio. Long-term goals of five years, 10 years or beyond may be less precise, however they should also be reviewed regularly in response to changes in the markets, government legislation and your own situation.

We’ll discuss your attitude towards the various risks and returns of investing to establish your risk profile. We’ll look at your present financial position, including your total assets and debts. We’ll also consider your career plans – in particular, how long you wish to work full-time – so we can estimate your future income and savings potential. After determining your goals and risk profile, we will suggest different strategies and investments that will meet your needs. For example, superannuation may suit someone wishing to minimise their long-term tax liability, whereas if you are seeking high growth over a long period and are comfortable taking on more risk, you might consider a geared investment.

A comprehensive financial plan will also look at how you can use insurance to help protect your loved ones and your way of life in case of unexpected events. To find out how we can help you build your wealth through smart investment strategies, call (02) 9858 2446 or email us.


While many people insure their home, car and possessions, it is even more important to make sure your family and lifestyle are protected from financial misfortune. Losing your future earning power can be financially devastating. Without regular income, it can be a challenge just paying for everyday household expenses like groceries and power bills, while ongoing mortgage repayments or school fees can quickly eat away any savings. Worse still, if you’re self-employed and can’t work because you’re ill or disabled, you could be faced with the added pressure of the business bills rolling in.

The good news is that we can use risk insurance to structure a total financial protection package for you to protect against loss of income, disablement, serious health and death. While car and home insurance are relatively straightforward, personal risk cover can
be complex, with many different options and levels of cover to choose from. We can help you decide which cover is right for you and what issues you need to consider. For example, which family members would you insure? When does it make sense to insure a non-working spouse? How should the benefits of any payment be distributed? What benefits are available within your superannuation scheme? What are tax implications of taking out insurance?

Discover your insurance options here

If you own a business we can also review your business insurance needs. For example, is there ‘key person’ protection in place for the business owners and managers? Are the business assets and stock adequately insured against theft and damage? To find out how we can help you safeguard your financial future, call (02) 9858 2446 or email us.
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